Top 5 Unexpectedly Highest-Paid Jobs in America

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It can be tough to find a job at all, never mind finding one that pays you what you deserve—much less what you think you deserve. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in May 2012 that the average job paid $45,790 a year. Additionally, many of the highest-paying jobs meant higher education like medical school or law school, or a slow rise through the ranks to upper management. But never fear, there are jobs out there that offer six-figure opportunities without all that training and experience. You just have to be willing to work hard—and know where to look.
Top 5 Unexpectedly Highest-Paid Jobs in America

4Court Reporter

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Lawyers get paid well. Very well. The BLS reports that they average $130,880 annually—and that includes the government drones that make measly five-figure wages. In the background of all those high-profile photos of high-paid judges and lawyers sits the court reporter, transcribing the proceedings—and making nearly as much money. Loop 21 says that court reporters can make more than $100,000, as long as they are good enough to perform their vital legal function with speed and accuracy. Once again, you might need some training, but it seems to be well worth the time.

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